• KRUZ-FSL Drill

    Rugged flange type body to
    decrease vibration or chattering.
    Interchangeable [IDP], [IDF],
    [ID] carbide drill inserts.

  • KRUZ-FSLK Flanged Body

    When requires longer drill length,
    select this ideal drill body. Drilling
    closer to flange part. Minimized
    flue design with longer cylindrical neck.


    Enables drilling & deburring of both
    top and bottom of Hole in one
    operation. Drill body uses standard
    repleaceable YESTOOL drilling inserts

  • KRUZ specialstep drill body

    Helically fluted drill body with through
    spindle coolant for easy chip evacuation.
    Special bodies use standard YESTOOL
    drill inserts (ID, IDP, IDF).

  • YTRI Indexable Reamer

    Interchangeable Carbide Reamer
    insert. Economical usage for large
    size over 15mm.
    Locking by center head cap-screw.


  • KRUZ "k" series drill

    Rigid drill body made of special
    premium steel and heat treated.
    TiN coated body to enable longer
    tool life and higher lubricity.

  • Indexable Extra-long Drill

    Alternative solution for
    conventional gun-drill application.
    Compatible to fit all Yestool standard
    carbide inserts.

  • KRUZ Combination Chamfer Tool

    Combination chamfer ring to fit in
    modified standard KRUZ body.
    YCHR chamfer ring with two XCGX
    1102 chamfer inserts.

  • Drilling & Milling tool "DMH"

    Interchangeable carbide drillmill &
    XCGX insert mounted in the holder
    Specially designed carbide drillmill
    (TiAlN) with milling functioned flute

  • Indexable thread mill

    Strong rigidity to clamp carbide
    insert in the pocket
    Internal coolant fed design
    Internal & external threading